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Game Designer  -  Level Designer

Ancre 1

Who am I ?

Passionate Gamer and Designer, with who love game to the core.

Curious and interested by various subject, I love to learn, experiment and understand how things work

Level and Game Designer pro, with skill in Artistic Direction, Graphic Design and Sound Design.

Currently searching for a Studio where I can fullfill my curiosity and improve my skills

Accueil: Bienvenue

Puzzle-Platformer-Coop-2 Players

Game Designer - Level Designer
Art Director - Graphic Designer - Sound Designer

A 2D Cooperation game online for 2 players, in parallel Levels 
Access to the exit of your Board by helping each other.
Both player must share item, communicate, use mechanism... While being blind to what happen in the other player Level

They must learn to work, think , and discorver together various worlds and mechanics in 8 worlds, divided in 144 Boards


Toy - Solo - PC

Game Designer - Sound designer


In a 2D space, little luminary attrac each other, & fuse in bigger object while colliding;

Manipulate those spheres in a colorfull dance and master the physics to play with

Action Game - Solo - PC

Game Designer - Art Director - Sound designer - Graphic Designer


Manage the invasion of Outer in a 2D Arena by deploying Pop of the same color.

Take the rythm and clean the place before there is no more space.


Racing Game - Solo - PC

Game Designer - Level designer - Developer

Master to drive a Drone in a 2D racing game.

Manage the obstacle by switching Door and optimize your trajectory to perfom the best score 


FPS - Solo - PC

Game Designer - Level Designer

An Hardcore FPS boss fight.

Based on the rocket jump, fight an changing form entity in a evolutive environment. 

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